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Spring Trends 2022 for your Home
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Spring Trends 2022 for your Home

The upcoming spring stands for longer, brighter and more sunny days and thus for more light. In short: new joie de vivre. Are there hidden potentials lurking in you and your own home, with which you can turn spring into an unforgettable event of the entire year?

In 2022, lighting trends are more brilliant than ever, with something for everyone and every room, from eye-catching chandeliers to subtle lamps and bulbs that gently wrap a room in light. Lighting trends are the ace up the interior design world's sleeve, and they play an important role in decorating and beautifying an interior space. If you light a room with a single - bare - bulb, it will look cold and without atmosphere.

It’s time for a little renovation and refreshing - a look at the home trends for 2022 is a must!


Surprising combinations

It is the perfect contrast between tradition and modernity, giving an extra touch to classics. Combining an old design with a new one: timeless silhouettes combined with modern finishes and materials. Some styles, which can be different, harmonize when combined and create a new feeling of living.



Credit: Adesso Home

Linear style lighting

Long lines and silhouettes create a simplified look and replace complicated designs in the new year. This look provides a fresh change of scenery and variety in your home that many crave. Whether it's playful crohn chandeliers, bolder versions or pendant lights: The different designs will complete your space thanks to the seamless look.

Credit: Adesso Home


Soft lighting

Eye-catching fixtures are just as on-trend as soft, low-key ones that blend into a room and make it feel brighter and warmer. This lighting creates a different atmosphere and a warm home feeling that brings spring into your living spaces. Enjoy spring all year around.


Eye-catching fixtures lighting

Credit: Adesso Home


Natural and raw textures

A room can reflect nature with the help of natural textures as a restful place and realize the living space into an oasis of tranquility. Lighting this year will handle the concept. Organic, rattan, wooden materials and natural textures are a trend that gives the room a warm, slightly summery atmosphere. Products with traces of craftsmanship look more lifelike, embody the qualities of "soul and warmth" and look creative. Products that can reflect this feeling are rattan lighting and bamboo lighting. These light sources can be integrated and incorporated into any space.


natural texture lampshade, Bali Tall Table Lamp
Credit: Adesso Home


Multi-layered light sources

Instead of settling for one light source, 2022 will be about reviving the look of layered lighting. In large spaces like the living room, where lamps and overhead fixtures play an important role in various situations, this is the optimal solution for a natural light display. This can include recessed lighting, art lighting, wall sconces and accent lamps in all colors. By installing dimmers, separate controls for each light source and incorporating smart homes, a variety of moods can be created.

Floor lamps, wall lights, table, and desk luminaires - these are just a few of the world of options available when mapping out a grande new lighting design scheme. Metallic and marble floor lamps, handmade pendant lights, space-age table lamps and architectural chandeliers are the incoming styles of spring trends in 2022. It is time to re-create an endless spring style in your home and create a warm atmosphere all year along!

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