Is Directional Lighting the Right Solution for You?

By Kundan shopapp
on June 29, 2018

Is Directional Lighting the Right Solution for You?

When you want to highlight a specific area of the home, it is!

Directional lighting is used to create a certain type of aesthetic in a home. It can be used to enhance the appearance of a room or to shine a light on an object or area to create visual interest. Although it is not the most popular lighting style that there is, it is still something that many customers request because they like how it quickly changes the look of their homes.

The way you choose to use directional lighting can significantly alter the appearance of a space. Below, you’ll find suggestions on how to make the most out of the lamps you’ve chosen to buy for your home. You’ll find a variety of solutions to meet your needs and desired look for the space you put the lamps in.

Ways to Use Directional Lighting

There are many ways to use directional lighting inside a property. One option is to create visual effects by pointing a lamp in one direction such as upward toward the ceiling. It gives the appearance that a room is taller than it really is. Keep in mind that the sizing of other items around the lamp is key in pulling off the visual effect because you don’t want other objects to be dwarfed by an enormous lamp.

Another option is to mix style and function. If you need a lamp that has a good reach to it, a wall-mounted object with the extendable arm is ideal. It allows you to change the position of the lighting so it best suits you.

An example of this style of lamp is often used in bedrooms as reading lamps. You’ll even see it in some hotels. If being able to position the lamp so that the light enhances your reading experience is ideal, you’ll love the idea of directional lighting.

It’s also a fantastic way to highlight an object that you love and want others to see or appreciate. Think art museum lighting and how it’s pointed at sculptures. You can’t get the whole aesthetic of a piece if you don’t know what it looks like in the light. If you have a family heirloom that deserves recognition, this is one of the ways to give it the love it requires.

If you want the lighting to be subtler, you can choose lamps that blend into the rest of the décor you’ve chosen for a space. Select colors that are lighter shades of the main color you’ve painted the walls. You can easily get them to become part of the décor versus standout pieces with high contrast.

Dimmers and Spotlights Give You Greater Control Over the Aesthetic of a Space

Choose the right style of lamp to meet your needs. If you decide that directional lighting is the way to go, you’ll find that using dimmers or spotlights can significantly alter the appearance of a space. If you’d rather stick to traditional lamps and lampshades, you’ll find the selection large, varied, and interesting. There is something for everyone at Lamp Shade Solution!

The Main Lampshade Shapes Available for You to Choose From

By Kundan shopapp
on June 04, 2018

The Main Lampshade Shapes Available for You to Choose From

Choose the right fit for your lamp and décor.

There is a lot of thought that goes into buying lamps and lampshades for a space. The first in functionality. A shade is meant to diffuse the light being emitted by a bulb. It also adds style to the room by being visually appealing.

Shopping for lamps and lampshades can be fun if you’ve never done it before. Having an idea as to what types of these items exists helps you narrow down your search, so you can choose the right option for the room that you’re decorating. There are as many lamp and lampshade styles as there are styles of furniture.

Considerations to Make When Shopping for a Lampshade

When it comes to shopping for the right lampshade for a lamp, size, color, and pattern are things to consider. The shape also plays an important role as it helps create the overall look of the piece. There are five main shapes that are offered by lampshade retailers.

They are Empire, Straight Empire, Drum, Square, and Oval. Each offers its own list of advantages. Determining which shape is for you is a personal matter involving choice because you know what look you’re trying to achieve with the lamp and lampshade you’ve purchased.

What Each Popular Shape of Shade Offers

Empire and Straight Empire are round and classic. Square looks like an Empire but has a bottom that is square or rectangular in shape. The drum is cylindrical and very contemporary. Oval is long and rounded on the sides.

Tell a Story with Your Choice of Base and Shade

The size and shape of the lamp base often dictate which shape to choose for a lampshade. A square base with a square-shaped shade creates cohesiveness. It can tell a story depending on its color and pattern, too.

Although rounded lampshades tend to be the most popular choice, there is a lot to be said about how well square lampshades fit in tight spaces. They can be placed against the wall in a narrow walkway or corner of a room. Round lampshades cannot because they aren’t flattened.

Select a Material That Lasts a Long Time

The material of the lampshade makes a world of difference in how well it works to emit light. For example, cheaper shades are made from plastic. More upscale shades consist of silk, linen, cotton or parchment. Heavier materials seem to last longer which saves you money over time.

As you may have discovered, buying a lampshade takes time and deliberation over what makes the most sense, size, color, material, and shape-wise. As with anything else that you use to decorate your home, a lamp and shade add to the visual narrative you’re trying to tell. With so many options to choose from, narrowing your search becomes easier when you have a theme or era in mind to work with.

When you’ve made your final decision, you’ll be able to walk into the room and see the fruits of your labor paying off. The right lampshade provides you with durability and style for many years. When cleaned and dusted, it makes a space even more attractive than you initially imagined it to be.

How to Measure Your Lampshades

By Kundan shopapp
on May 20, 2018

How to Measure Your Lampshades

Get the right fit for the various lamps you have throughout your home or business.

A lampshade is more than a practical item that filters light inside a property. It serves as a mood setter and complements the beauty of a lamp base. There are as many types of lampshades as there are colors of lamps, so it’s important to find the right fit for the ones you own. Using some simple measurements and paying close attention to the kind of lampshade fittings available allows you to buy the right fit for your beautiful lamps.

Consider this your short guide on how to measure your lampshades and select the right ones to fit your needs.

Measuring the lampshade takes little time and effort.

With measuring tape in hand, here is how to measure your lampshades:

  • Across the top.
  • Across the bottom.
  • Across the side.

Keep Top x Bottom x Slant as the formula that you use in the future. If you know that your lamp base requires a certain size of the lampshade, you can record the information in your phone or a small notebook for reference purposes. That way you won’t make the mistake of buying the wrong lampshade that you have to return or exchange.

A fourth dimension along with Top, Bottom, and Slant is to measure the height from top to bottom using a straight line. It may determine the type of shade that works best. As a rule of thumb, the diameter of the bottom of the shade matters most because it should be greater than the lamp body height.

Lampshades have different fittings to take note of.

There are many different types of lampshade fittings. The lamp base determines which works best for your lamp. For example, there is either a regular bulb clip or a candle bulb clip that keeps the shade in place. The main difference is how the clip is shaped as one is rounder than the other.

A regular bulb clip is circular in shape. A candle bulb clip is shaped like the flame of a candle. You’ll be able to see a distinct difference in how the clip that holds the lampshade in place looks.

Here are the types of fitters that work best with regular bulb clips and candle bulb clips.

Regular bulb clips work well with washer & spider fitters, hurricane or chimney fitters, and Nardi or slip UNO fitters. Candle bulb clips are best suited for threaded Uno fitters, reflector bowl fitters, and euro fitters. The lampshade itself determines the wattage that emitted from the bulb because it serves as a filter for the light.

Now that you have an idea of how to measure your lampshades, you’ll be able to replace them easier. You’ll know exactly what to look for without any hassle. Then, all you need to do is order them and place them on your lamps.

You’ll have a shade that complements the lamp and décor that you’ve chosen to decorate your home or business with. Not only will it look great, it will do its job of filtering the light emitted from the lamp’s light bulb. It won’t hang to the side or fall off because it doesn’t fit the base, either.

Factors That Influence Your New Lamp Purchase

By lampshade solution
on May 04, 2018

Factors That Influence Your New Lamp Purchase

Price is only one thing to think about when buying lighting for your home.

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What’s the Right Size for Your Lamp Base?

By Boost commerce
on April 20, 2018

Lamp Base

Scale is something that you should consider when decorating a room.

When buying a new lamp for your beautiful home, there are many considerations to make. In addition to style, color, and lampshade, you also must think about how it will fit inside a room. Scale is very important because it helps create depth and dimension in a space. The size of the lamp base that you buy should match the other décor you have in a room so that it blends in rather than standing out tackily.

Lamps are practical, beautiful, and tasteful when placed in a space with deliberation. Knowing how they will look once brought into the home can be a challenge that is easily overcome with practice. Learning how to properly measure a lamp base is a skill that benefits you by beautifying your home.

Here is how you determine if a lamp base is the right size for a room.

Take a table-to-eye measurement.

While sitting in a chair or on your sofa, measure the distance between the surface of the table and your eye level. You’ll want the lamp that you buy not to exceed the table-to-eye measurement that you’ve come up with. If you’re measuring the distance between a bedside table, the length should be based on your eye level while in a sitting position on your mattress.

If you want this measurement to be precise, you can ask another person to hold the other end of the measuring tape. Hold it to the side of your eye and have someone else pull it out to where the table is. Make sure to record the measurement right away and put it as a memo on your phone for easy reference.

Consider the shade length as the total length of the lamp.

The length of the shade should also be considered because it makes up the entire piece. It should be considered 65 to 80 percent of the length of the base. This allows you to get an idea of how tall the entire piece is from top to bottom as well as how it will look among other items inside the room.

Additional tips that make buying the right lamp base easier.

A measuring tape ensures that you get the most accurate measurements for your lamp base and lampshade. You’ll get a better idea of how the lamp will work in the room you’re placing it in. If you have tall statues or figurines, you’ll want to stagger them throughout the space to create visual interest.

You can intersperse objects in varying heights to keep a person’s eyes moving around the room easily. You’ll find that you can create an exciting environment for people to be in by using color, shape, texture, pattern, and size to add to your theme and provide a visual narrative for a room.

Scale adds to the aesthetic of a space and shapes the visual narrative of a room.

The right size lamp base complements your current décor. It neither overwhelms or underwhelms the other furnishings inside a room. It adds to the general aesthetic in a pleasant way. Lamps are arguably functional and fashionable if you carefully select them with scale in mind.

Choosing the Right Color of Shade for Your Lamp

By Boost commerce
on April 06, 2018

Choosing the Right Color of Shade for Your Lamp

Give your space some ambiance through the choice you make of shade.

A lampshade is much more than a practical way to filter artificial light. It can serve as a conversation starter, a mood enhancer, and storyteller. As beautiful as it is practical, the right lampshade transforms the space that it is in by making it feel spacious, warm, and inviting.

What to think about when shopping for lampshades.

There are many considerations that go into picking out and buying the perfect lampshade. For example, you need to think about which room it is going into. Are there other lamps in the space with lampshades? If there are, what colors are they?

Other things to contemplate is how much light you need. Darker lampshades don’t allow for much brightness. If you don’t have a source of natural light such as a window where it streams in, you may want to opt for a lighter color of the shade. Doing so allows you to illuminate the space to its fullest capacity.

The lamp base also plays a big role because you don’t want the color of the lampshade to clash with the color of the lamp. Choosing a complementary or contrasting color scheme is usually the best option because it allows the base and shade to co-exist harmoniously.

Creating contrast with colors that are opposites.

You can never go wrong with a brightly-colored lampshade with a darker-colored base. A light-colored lampshade with a dark base looks phenomenal, too. Think about the objects that surround the lamps in a room.

Then decide how to play off the colors of the decorations, walls, furniture, and rugs. You may choose to do it subtly or select a bright color of shade to help the lamp pop. If you want to direct someone’s eyes to a specific area of a room, a hot pink, brilliant blue or stark yellow will do the trick.

Some color combinations that look incredible together is white and blue, white and red, white and black, red and yellow, red and green, and red and blue, yellow and blue, yellow and lilac, yellow and black, orange and cyan, orange and violet, and orange and blue. Black looks great with any color it is paired with but it should be used as a base color more often than it is used for a shade color.

Everyone has colors they prefer and like to use to decorate with.

Color preference is individual. Although the suggestions listed above help you narrow down the search for the perfect shade for your home or business, you finalize the decision by choosing what appeals to you. If a solid color doesn’t work for the look you’re trying to achieve, opt for a subtle pattern that uses a contrasting color such as black or white for added emphasis.

What you’re trying to achieve with the décor of a space helps you finalize your purchasing decision. For example, if you have an ongoing theme and the lamp base that you’ve chosen ties into it, you may want to take one of the subtler colors that make up the lamp for the lampshade.

What is the difference between the sewn appearance (fabric lined/softback) shade versus laminate (hard backed) shade?

By lampshade solution
on February 14, 2017



After selecting the fabric, shape and size of your shade, the other choice is the lining of the shade.


A sewn appearance usually means that the shade is lined with fabric. These shades are often made from a full metal frame with the fabric sewn onto the frame for a true custom shade, or glued on the frame in ready-made shades. These shades often are used in more traditional interior designs, with traditional pleating.



Laminate shades are hard-backed shades are held together by a plastic lining. For custom shades, laminate shades can still be customized to include pleats or other specifications. For exterior pleated lampshades, it is unusual to find custom or unique looking laminate shades. These shades are often used for more contemporary designs.


If you have a problem finding the perfect shape for your Lamp Shade, please do not hesitate to email us at and we would be more than happy to find the perfect solution for your need.



By lampshade solution
on November 28, 2016


When choosing the right shade for your lamp, it's important to remember that your new shade is a type of investment. One that lasts. And one that enlivens not just your lamp, but also your room and your personal sense of style.

Most all lamps, regardless of style, can take more than one style of shade, so first, know YOUR style, then consider the following:

Proportional relationships – the shade shouldn't be too large, overwhelming the lamp, or too small, appearing as an afterthought. Shades can be taller, shorter, wider, thinner. It's really all about the overall shade volume as that relates to the overall volume of the lamp.

Color relationships – neutrals are by far the most popular, but colors can add an additional and often exciting dimension to the shade. When choosing a colored shade, it's best to pull from similar or complimentary colors already in the room. Note, darker colors are less translucent. Patterned fabrics, too, on custom-designed shades can add another layer of visual interest.

Material relationships – papers, of different colors or textures are probably the most “relaxed” materials used. Cottons and linens, of varying degrees of tightness of weave are also “relaxed” but sometimes come across as that much more “finished” and silks are considered to the most refined.

Light requirements – translucent materials provide the best light for reading or for diffuse light. Opaque papers and very dark fabrics are very effective in providing accent lighting or for dramatic effect.

Following are some guidelines to help in choosing the right style shade for your lamp.

In general, classic or traditionally styled lamps are best complimented by the following styles:


Empire:              paper laminated fabric stretch fabric pleated,


Bell:                     round oval square rectangular


French Oval Cut-Corner Square Cut-Corner Rectangle

These styles are less or more formal depending upon the actual material, be it paper, linen, poly or silk. The most formal styles of shades are pleated – either a box pleat or flat pleat, and more often than not, silk.

Transitional-style lamps can take a range of shade styles, from slightly more traditional to decidedly more contemporary. Some styles are:




Ovals and

Round drums


Contemporary and modern-style lamps frequently are best complimented by straighter-sided shades. The same styles listed above for transitional-style lamps apply.

If you have a problem finding the perfect shape for your Lamp Shade, please do not hesitate to email us at and we would be more than happy to find the perfect solution for your need.


By lampshade solution
on October 26, 2016


We, at Lamp Shade Solution will show you the best and easiest way to measure a Lamp Shade. We will help you to find the perfect solution for your room and guarantee you will be thrilled with your purchase.

 When you buy a shade for a new lamp or for a lamp that you already have you need to make sure to choose the right size. You can use a tape measure to determine the bottom and top diameters and also the vertical height. These few measurements will help you to make the right decision and not end up with a lamp shade that is too large or too wide. All tops and bottoms are measured by their diameters. Round lamp shades are measured top, bottom and side.

(T x B x S)


Squares, rectangles and ovals are all measured: Top, bottom and slant/height.  

(A x B) x (C x D) x E .


Now you are ready to choose the right size of Shade for you lamp!

LAMP SHADE SOLUTION - We are what you've been missing in the lamp shade world.


By lampshade solution
on October 17, 2016


In every home, a dream. In one piece, a story. We are a Third Generation Lamp Shade Retailer specialized in Ready-Made Lamp.
Lamp Shade Solution believes that every home needs to translate its essence by the style that comes from inside out. For over 85 years, we have continued to perfect the art of selecting the right Lamp Shade for every Lamp. We realize that sometimes beautiful Lamps can come with a misfit Lamp Shade, and that Lamp Shade often needs to get updated and replaced.
We also can aid in selecting exactly what Lamp Shade will enhance your room. We are the only Retailer specializing in Ready-Made Lamp Shades, having an exclusive source of inspiration in over 1500 ready-made from hardback to softback including a range of fabrics to update any room. A Lamp Shade can dramatically alter a Lamp, and moreover even transform the interior design of an entire room.
If you have a problem finding the perfect fit for your Lamp Shade, please do not hesitate to email us at and we would be more than happy to find the perfect solution for your need.


Welcome to Lamp Shade Solution, where a new story begins for your home.


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