String Lamp Shades

String Lamp Shades for Sale

String lamp shades have been popular decor pieces for decades, and their retro-chic style is making a comeback. With string lamp shades, the delight is in the details. From a distance, they may look like regular silk or paper lamp shades, but it's hard to ignore the subtle texture of their delicate chords.

At Lamp Shade Solution, we offer a wide selection of string lamp shades from classic bell shapes to modern sconces. See below to learn more about this popular style.

What Are String Lamp Shades?

String lamp shades are traditionally made by using thin cords of string — sometimes silk or synthetic materials — over a base shade to create a delicate ribbed effect on the lamp shade's surface. This style is a popular component of table lamps, but it's also used frequently in other household lamp varieties.

Whether your home decor style is vintage, modern or something in between, you'll find that string lamp shades are a versatile design option that can be made to suit almost any home design scheme.

How Do String Lamp Shades Affect a Room's Atmosphere?

One of the beauties of string lamp shades is that no two styles are alike. At Lamp Shade Solution, we offer a diverse selection of string lamp shade colors, shapes, sizes and textures so that you can find the perfect fit for your home. String lamp shades have a unique yet understated effect on the space they inhabit. With their soft, elegant texture, they tend to complement most design themes — especially those that play with different textures.

One important factor to consider when you're selecting a string lamp shade is the darkness of the cords themselves. Depending on the thickness of the overlying layer of the lamp shade, darker cords will create a more textured effect when the lamp is on, while lighter shades tend to look more monotone.

How Do You Choose the Right String Lamp Shade?

Choosing the right string lamp shade will depend entirely on your personal design preferences. As you can see from our selection below, you can find string lamp shades in all sorts of shapes, colors and even opacity levels. If you're interested in purchasing string lamp shades but aren't quite sure where to begin in terms of design, here are a few helpful tips for choosing correctly:

  • Consider the rest of your living space's decor. Lamp shades should neither overpower the overall room design nor throw it off balance. They should simply complement the established design theme.
  • Choose the cord texture that pairs best with the textures of your furniture, linens and other design elements in the room.
  • Select a shape that complements your existing decor as well. For example, if you have bold, angular furniture and decor, a square or rectangular lamp shade is your best option.

Why Choose Lamp Shade Solution for String Lamp Shades?

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