Wall Sconce Lamp Shades

If you have wall sconces, you have probably looked high and low to find the perfect lamp shades. However, they can be tough to find, especially in unique colors.

At Lamp Shade Solution, we have 1,500 ready-made lamp shades in stock all the time, including classic wall sconce lamp shades. Order as many lamp shades as you need for your house or business, and feel free to contact our team members with any questions. We love to help our buyers find exactly what they need to brighten and beautify their spaces.


What Are Wall Sconce Lamp Shades?

Before talking too much about wall sconce lamp shades, we should first define wall sconces. Wall sconces are lights built into the side of a wall or the area where two walls or decorative structures meet. Wall sconces bring light to spots that might otherwise remain dark. Additionally, they can illuminate anything from wall art to architectural elements.

Wall sconce lamp shades are specially built to cover the wall sconces themselves. As such, the lamp shades are more like half-shades. After all, the wall sconces are part of the wall, so only a semi-circular shade makes sense.


How Do Wall Sconce Lamp Shades Create a Specific Mood?

Without lamp shades, wall sconces would shine very intensely. Not all people want that type of intensity. At the same time, they do not want to expose the bulbs used in the sconces.

Wall sconce lamp shades both lessen the strength of the light coming from the sconce and hide the light bulb itself. The color of your wall sconce lamp shades will further change the way the light looks, with creamier shades bringing a warmer glow than pure white ones.

Looking for your wall sconce lamp shades to pull out unique hues in furnishings, carpets, throw rugs, decorative pieces or curtains? Try a black or russet red wall sconce lamp shade for an artistic, dramatic flair.


Hints for Choosing the Right Wall Sconce Lamp Shades

Is this your first time looking for wall sconce lamp shades for your home or another space? Use a few rules of thumb to get started.

First, measure any wall sconce lamp shades currently in place. That way, you will be sure the replacements will fit.

Next, consider the best material for your shades, as well as the way you want them to diffuse light. Faux leather, for example, will mute the light more than shantung silk.

Finally, explore both traditional and modern styles to see which suits the overall theme of the area or room. Like all lamp shades, wall sconce varieties run the gamut from traditional to extremely contemporary.


Buy Wall Sconce Lamp Shades for Sale From Lamp Shade Solution

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