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5 tips for Better Home Office Lighting
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5 tips for Better Home Office Lighting

A desk, chair, laptop and the workstation at home is ready? Especially now, due to the pandemic, the switch to a home office often must be made quickly. But what you should not do without is good light. The right light for your work is one of the most important requirements to be able to work stress-free for a longer period. Here are five of our tips for optimal lighting conditions in your workplace:


1. Observe the right illuminance and light color

Not too bright, not too dark - What you should also pay attention to when buying is the light color. For concentrated work, a neutral white light around 4,000 Kelvin is recommended. For general and accent lighting, it may be warmer light colors around 3,000 Kelvin. In general, cool light has a stimulating and activating effect, while warm light has a relaxing and calming effect. Accordingly, at work, where we want to concentrate and stay awake, we need a bright and cool light. For an office workplace, you therefore need at least a 500-lux lamp.

desk lamp for home office


2. Adapt the light to your activity

Light has a great influence on our body and our state of mind. Even our biorhythm is determined by light. In the morning, cool light shows up in nature and has a stimulating and activating effect on our body. Makes sense - we want to be active throughout the day. Daylight has an average of about 5,000 Kelvin. This light temperature is also recommended for offices. In the evening, the light is warm and lets us relax. This also makes sense - we are supposed to come to rest and then sleep.

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3. How to choose the optimal desk lamp

Before you start thinking about the right desk lamp, look at the position of your desk. Is it possibly placed directly in front of the window - as seen in many furnishing magazines? Or do you sit with your back to the window? In both cases, the lighting conditions are suboptimal. Your eyes are strained because the incoming sunlight dazzles you or shines directly into your screen and creates reflections. Headaches or signs of fatigue can be the result. Ideally, your desk should be at a 90-degree angle to the window. That way, daylight falls on your workstation without blinding you. If you're lucky, you'll have a view worth taking in - letting your eyes wander off into the distance every now and then relaxes your eyes and mind. Your desk lamp should be mounted to the side and above head height to avoid looking directly into the light and creating distracting shadows. If the desk offers too little space, you can alternatively mount a clamp lamp (e.g., on the shelf). It is best to choose a luminaire with a swiveling arm that can be precisely aligned as needed.

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tips for a better home office lighting



4. Think about good general lighting

The desk is brightly lit, nothing stands in the way of the home office. Don't make the popular "island solution" mistake by neglecting the overall space. Desk luminaires provide bright working light - additional lighting in the form of a ceiling or pendant luminaire ensures basic illumination and balances out the light-dark contrast. This means that the eye must adapt less and is relieved accordingly. Glare-free lighting is also the top priority here. Choose luminaires with special diffusers that minimize glare.


desk lamp home office lighting


5. Set light accents Finally - create islands of light!

These can be table lamps on sideboards or windowsills, floor lamps or a pendant light with modern LED lamps in retro look. These light accents are perceived by us as very pleasant and contribute to the fact that we feel comfortable in our four walls. Let your creativity run wild and combine, for example, the fancy pendant sets with stylish LED filaments from Bailey.

desk lamp home office lighting


For creativity, cooperation and communication, subdued and warm light is helpful, but for concentration, fine motor skills or learning activities, bright and cool light is helpful. A lamp with 5,000 Kelvin and 500 lux is suitable for office activities. We recommend using a dimmable daylight lamp to adapt it to different activities.

desk lamp home office lights

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