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The Best Types of Lamp Shade Fabric for Summer
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The Best Types of Lamp Shade Fabric for Summer


Summer is rolling in. That means outdoor picnics, beach getaways, and outdoor party time is near. While enjoying the weather and summertime fun outdoors, don't forget to neglect the inside of your home!

You may spend time and money fluffing your home's exterior patio or garden. But what about the interior spaces you'll cozy up to on a cool summer night? If you're looking for ways to bring that summertime design and light indoors, change up your shade fabric!

Lamp shade fabric is an easy way to signal the change of season and lighten any space in your home. Without having to undertake a costly renovation or invest in new lamp bases, changing your lampshade to a summer-friendly fabric is a great way to make an impact. Read on to learn the best summer fabric options. 

What Are the Types of Lamp Shades? 

To choose the right summer fabric, it is important to know the different types of lamp shades. Aligning your fabric choice to the lampshade style creates a cohesive and stylish look that will fit in well with your summer decor. Here are some popular types of lampshades you can choose from: 

  • Bell shades 
  • Coolie shades 
  • Drum shades 
  • Empire shades
  • Euro shades
  • Rectangle shades
  • Square shades
  • Oval shades

The main lamp shade styles are traditional, contemporary, and transitional. This variation allows you to choose the right look for your space or dream design. Each style could work well with your summer decor and design ideas.

For example, a traditional shade in a fun summer fabric like seersucker or whimsical floral print could add personality and brightness to any room. Most of these lamp shade styles come in traditional sizing which ranges from 4 inches to 24 inches.

Visualize the Look 

To browse these styles and have a visual sense, check out Lamp Shade Solution shade categories. Browse all the lamp shade products to see these different styles up close and come to life.

For example, a drum shade in black fabric appears strikingly modern while a scalloped bell lamp shade exudes romance and tradition. Knowing the different shade options can help you choose the appropriate fabric and lamps for summer. Now, you're ready to dive in and learn more about summer shade fabric options!   


Chic Linen 

Is there a summer fabric more quintessential than linen? Linen is the ultimate chic and refreshing look. The fabric manages to look luxurious and high quality yet relaxed at the same time.

This makes it the ideal summer shade choice for your lamps. There are many different weights and types of linen fabric to choose from.

Choose Your Texture 

Perhaps the most common and versatile fabric is simple or fine linen. You may have noticed this material used in napkins, tablecloths, or even curtains. Fine linen tends to have a flat weave that is plain and delicate to the touch. 

Oppositely, some linens like the flax materials have a thicker or more coarse weave. This linen tends to feel rougher to the touch and creates a relaxed or bohemian vibe in decorating schemes. Either linen would work wonderfully with summer shades because of the inherently cool and crisp-looking qualities.

A Unique Take 

When you think of linen, what comes to mind? Maybe the colors white, cream, or grey.

And while those shades work perfectly for summer decor, linen also allows for more diverse design opportunities. For example, this bold handmade linen drum shade is a gorgeous way to welcome summer. 

Luxurious Silk 

You may think of silk as an uber luxurious, formal, and heavy fabric. But, today, silk can feel fresh, modern, and utterly versatile. Silk lampshades are a design-forward way to make an impact on your summer home decor.

A gorgeous silk shade can make a basic or old lamp base look luxurious and brand new. How can you bring silk into summer mode? Go for light and gentle colors like sky blue, mint green, or peachy pink.

Elemental Design 

These shades embrace the natural lightness of summer and can help to bring outdoor elements like sea or sky into your home. For example, a pleated silk shade in sand or brilliant white feels fresh and current for summertime. Or, a gingham pattern is a fun country chic approach that will inspire you to cook a BBQ indoors! 

Depending on your budget and home care needs, you can choose a synthetic or real silk shade. Either option brings the lux, shiny element of silk into your home.

Cool Cotton 

Cotton is one of the most natural and organic materials on the market. This makes it a safe and quality choice for summer lamp shades. Cotton also offers great design variety and low maintenance benefits.

For example, do you love bright summer colors like blue, yellow, or green? A cotton shade can inject the perfect color dose into your living room, sun porch, or even bedroom. If you have a family or children, don't worry about tacky fingers ruining quality lampshades.

Cotton is one of the easiest materials to wipe clean or remove stains. This makes it a great investment for a hand-made lampshade. You can choose the cotton fabric, pattern, or style you want without sacrificing quality or worrying about maintenance. 

It's All in the Touch 

Compared to linen, cotton tends to have a more uniform weave that feels flatter and more refined to the touch. If you prefer a one-dimensional-looking fabric that tightly fits your shade, cotton is a great choice. 


The Right Shade Fabric Can Brighten Your Summer Decor This Season 

Choosing the right shade fabric for summer is an important design decision that can create a big impact you didn't even know you needed. Easily swap out your heavy fabric or dark-colored winter shades for lighter materials like cotton, linen, or silk. These summer shade fabrics allow you to express your creativity through color, style, and pattern.

Would you like to purchase a new summer shade to uplevel your lamp and home decor? Contact Lamp Shade Solution to learn more about creating a handmade summer shade or shop the collection online.  

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