Black and Gold Lamp Shades

Think outside the White Lampshade box: Introduce to your home Black Lampshades and give to it a modern & chic look.

String Lamp Shades

A classic look, string lamp shades are once again back in fashion and popular due to their timeless style.

Pleated Lamp Shades

Once the mainstay in traditional decorating, have taken a fashionable turn presenting diverse decorating possibilities: be it clean or classic. 

Silk Lamp Shades for Sale

Functional and elegant style credentials, silk is a fashionable lampshade fabric.

Hardback Lamp Shades

Designed to keep light from escaping through the shade’s sides, hardback shades are lined with plastic materials. 

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Email us a picture of your lamp with the measurements, and our expert team can help you to choose the best shade for your lamp! 

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Custom Black Paper Lampshade Program

Are you interested in custom black paper lampshades and don't have time to go to the store?



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