Hardback Lamp Shades

Laminated or hardback lamp shades create a contemporary look, with a clean aesthetic, simple shapes and minimal details. 

Linen Lamp Shades

Linens carry a charming, simple feel, and are perfect additions to traditional and comfortable rooms such as living rooms or cozy dens.

Silk Lamp Shades

Choose a silk lampshade for rooms where the fabric's romance, luxuriousness, and elegance will be a perfect fit.

Black Lamp Shades

Think outside the White Lampshade box: Introduce to your home Black Lampshades and give to it a modern & chic look.

Pleated Lamp Shades

Clean or classic, pleated lamp shades make them perfect for those who desire a room with a unique style.

Do you still have questions how to choose the best size for a lampshade?

Email us a picture of your lamp with the measurements, and our expert team can help you to choose the best shade for your lamp! 


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