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Is Directional Lighting the Right Solution for You?
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Is Directional Lighting the Right Solution for You?

When you want to highlight a specific area of the home, it is!

Directional lighting is used to create a certain type of aesthetic in a home. It can be used to enhance the appearance of a room or to shine a light on an object or area to create visual interest. Although it is not the most popular lighting style that there is, it is still something that many customers request because they like how it quickly changes the look of their homes.

The way you choose to use directional lighting can significantly alter the appearance of a space. Below, you’ll find suggestions on how to make the most out of the lamps you’ve chosen to buy for your home. You’ll find a variety of solutions to meet your needs and desired look for the space you put the lamps in.

Ways to Use Directional Lighting

There are many ways to use directional lighting inside a property. One option is to create visual effects by pointing a lamp in one direction such as upward toward the ceiling. It gives the appearance that a room is taller than it really is. Keep in mind that the sizing of other items around the lamp is key in pulling off the visual effect because you don’t want other objects to be dwarfed by an enormous lamp.

Another option is to mix style and function. If you need a lamp that has a good reach to it, a wall-mounted object with the extendable arm is ideal. It allows you to change the position of the lighting so it best suits you.

An example of this style of lamp is often used in bedrooms as reading lamps. You’ll even see it in some hotels. If being able to position the lamp so that the light enhances your reading experience is ideal, you’ll love the idea of directional lighting.

It’s also a fantastic way to highlight an object that you love and want others to see or appreciate. Think art museum lighting and how it’s pointed at sculptures. You can’t get the whole aesthetic of a piece if you don’t know what it looks like in the light. If you have a family heirloom that deserves recognition, this is one of the ways to give it the love it requires.

If you want the lighting to be subtler, you can choose lamps that blend into the rest of the décor you’ve chosen for a space. Select colors that are lighter shades of the main color you’ve painted the walls. You can easily get them to become part of the décor versus standout pieces with high contrast.

Dimmers and Spotlights Give You Greater Control Over the Aesthetic of a Space

Choose the right style of lamp to meet your needs. If you decide that directional lighting is the way to go, you’ll find that using dimmers or spotlights can significantly alter the appearance of a space. If you’d rather stick to traditional lamps and lampshades, you’ll find the selection large, varied, and interesting. There is something for everyone at Lamp Shade Solution!

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