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The Main Lampshade Shapes Available for You to Choose From
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The Main Lampshade Shapes Available for You to Choose From

Choose the right fit for your lamp and décor.

There is a lot of thought that goes into buying lamps and lampshades for a space. The first in functionality. A shade is meant to diffuse the light being emitted by a bulb. It also adds style to the room by being visually appealing.

Shopping for lamps and lampshades can be fun if you’ve never done it before. Having an idea as to what types of these items exists helps you narrow down your search, so you can choose the right option for the room that you’re decorating. There are as many lamp and lampshade styles as there are styles of furniture.

Considerations to Make When Shopping for a Lampshade

When it comes to shopping for the right lampshade for a lamp, size, color, and pattern are things to consider. The shape also plays an important role as it helps create the overall look of the piece. There are five main shapes that are offered by lampshade retailers.

They are Empire, Straight Empire, Drum, Square, and Oval. Each offers its own list of advantages. Determining which shape is for you is a personal matter involving choice because you know what look you’re trying to achieve with the lamp and lampshade you’ve purchased.

What Each Popular Shape of Shade Offers

Empire and Straight Empire are round and classic. Square looks like an Empire but has a bottom that is square or rectangular in shape. The drum is cylindrical and very contemporary. Oval is long and rounded on the sides.

Tell a Story with Your Choice of Base and Shade

The size and shape of the lamp base often dictate which shape to choose for a lampshade. A square base with a square-shaped shade creates cohesiveness. It can tell a story depending on its color and pattern, too.

Although rounded lampshades tend to be the most popular choice, there is a lot to be said about how well square lampshades fit in tight spaces. They can be placed against the wall in a narrow walkway or corner of a room. Round lampshades cannot because they aren’t flattened.

Select a Material That Lasts a Long Time

The material of the lampshade makes a world of difference in how well it works to emit light. For example, cheaper shades are made from plastic. More upscale shades consist of silk, linen, cotton or parchment. Heavier materials seem to last longer which saves you money over time.

As you may have discovered, buying a lampshade takes time and deliberation over what makes the most sense, size, color, material, and shape-wise. As with anything else that you use to decorate your home, a lamp and shade add to the visual narrative you’re trying to tell. With so many options to choose from, narrowing your search becomes easier when you have a theme or era in mind to work with.

When you’ve made your final decision, you’ll be able to walk into the room and see the fruits of your labor paying off. The right lampshade provides you with durability and style for many years. When cleaned and dusted, it makes a space even more attractive than you initially imagined it to be.

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  • David Norriss
    David NorrissAugust 04, 2020

    I like how explained that the choice of material for a lampshade is important for how much light will be emitted. A lamp only shines as much light as the lampshade allows it to so people need to be careful in their selection of a lampshade. Thank you for clarifying how important the material of the lampshade is.

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