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How to Pick the Perfect Lamp Shade for Your Bedroom
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How to Pick the Perfect Lamp Shade for Your Bedroom

Science shows that increased exposure to light is vital to mental and emotional health. If your home is need of a little better lighting, it may be time to add a bedroom lamp. 

Finding the perfect lamp shade to create the perfect ambiance and tone in your room can be tricky. Fortunately, we've put together a guide on how to choose the perfect lamp shade for your bedroom.

Interested in learning more? Then keep reading for the best lamp shades, guaranteed to complement any bedroom space. 

Consider the Space

Before you pull out your wallet and purchase the "coolest" lamp shade you see, consider the space your lamp will inhabit. If your lamp is sitting atop a narrow bedside table right against the wall, you won't have the space necessary for a wide lamp shade.

Take a look at the room and your lighting needs. How much space do you need to illuminate? 

Once you have an idea of how wide a circumference your lamp should cast light upon, you can decide on what shape and size your lamp shade should be. Do you need:

  • A small, square amount of light?
  • A wide, circular amount of light?
  • A directed, narrow amount of light for specific tasks or reading?

You may even need to whip out the measuring tape and see how much space you have available before choosing a lamp shade. 


lam shade for bedroom

Credit: Canva Design

Take Measurements

This brings us to measurements. It may never have occurred to you that you should take a look at the dimensions of your lamp and potential lamp shades.

However, if you want the perfect fit, measure the precise height and width of your lamp base so you can fit those measurements to the right lamp shade. 

If you already have a lamp base, and it's on the longer end, you most likely want a larger lamp shade. Adding a tiny shade to a huge base throws off the balance of the aesthetic and may leave your room feeling like it lacks the proper feng shui.

A good rule of thumb when choosing lamp shades is to select one that's about two-thirds the height of the lamp base.

As for the lamp shade's width, choose one that is about twice the width of the lamp's base. This will ensure your lamp looks balanced.

Choose the Right Color

Typically, white lamp shades let the most light through. They are the best color for spaces that need more illumination.

White lamp shades outshine (literally), black lamp shades, or those of a darker color. Still, colored shades can add a charm or contribute to the "feel" you're going for.

For example, maroon or dark red lamp shades are often used in restaurants as they create a cozy, familiar ambiance. Green lamp shades are also commonly used for more muted light in places like studies or libraries.

colorful lamp shade can also add a pop of brightness and interest to your room. 

Just be sure that if the main purpose of your lamp is functionality, you don't select a shade that's too dark or covered with patterns. This will prevent sufficient light from penetrating it.


table lamp

Credit: Canva Design


black lamp shade

Credit: Canva Design


colorful lamp shade

Credit: Canva Design


Think About Functionality

Bedside lamps are most often used for reading. With this in mind, choose a lamp shade that hits about eye level with you when you're sitting up in bed. 

You don't want a lamp shade that's too short or too low to allow the light to reach your eyes. You also don't want to choose a lamp shade that will be at a height where you'll be blinded.

Another aspect of functionality to consider is the lamp's movement. If you need to be able to adjust the lamp and direct the light in different ways, choose a lamp shade that's mobile.

Don't purchase a lamp shade that will be easily damaged if you move frequently or tend to adjust it often. Light, cheap lamp shades do not hold up well during moves, so be careful when making your selection.


bedside lamp shade

Credit: Canva Design


bedside lamp

Credit: Canva Design


Choosing Your Style

Lamps are often the first thing people notice when they enter a room. After all, they are bright... Because of this, your lamp will make a statement about your room.

That statement may be bold and interesting, or it may be subtle and purely functional. Regardless of why you have a lamp in your space, choose a style that will make you happy.

After you've considered the functionality, measurements, and color needs of your lamp shade, have some fun with style selection. Most of the time, the striking aspect of a lamp isn't the shade--it's the lamp base.

So, if you have chosen a unique base--say one made of petrified wood--you probably want to choose a more understated shade. This will keep your lamp from looking like it's trying too hard. It will help give emphasis where you want it, on that awesome wood stand.

You can match your lamp shade to a themed base or definite motif. 

For example, if your base is shaped like ocean coral, get a lamp shade made with raffia rope to add to the nautical theme. Lamp shades don't just have to be basic silk or plastic, they too can make a statement.


lamp shade for bedroom

Credit: Canva Design


Consider Lamp Shade Shapes

Did you know that lamp shades come in a variety of shapes? We're talking more than your basic rectangular and circular shades...

When choosing the perfect lamp shade, you can choose from a variety of shapes:

  • Oval
  • Empire
  • Drum
  • Square
  • Bell
  • Coolie
  • Euro
  • Rectangular

The shape of your lamp shade will alter the style of your room. Select a shape that lends itself well to the style of your room. Don't pair a bell shade with an industrial-styled room. 

Choosing the Right Lamp Shade

Your bedroom should be a place of comfort. A place where you feel most at home and most yourself.

The light in your bedroom will be important to creating a space where your needs are met and your tastes satisfied. For ideas on what lamp shades are available to create your perfect space, browse our lamp shades collections or contact us at  

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