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Light your space in style – Table Lampshades
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Light your space in style – Table Lampshades

Not only furniture, colors and accessories play a weighty role in the interior. The right lighting is just as decisive for the feel-good effect. Because it decides whether we perceive an ambience as cozy - usually even unconsciously. Light not only provides brightness in a room, but also structures it.

Whether in the living room or bedroom - light plays an important role in your well-being.

A warm, diffuse light creates a pleasant atmosphere, which you can achieve with one ceiling light (or several, depending on the size of the room). If you use dimmable lights, you have more options: Dress up? Make it bright! Going to bed? Turn the lights down.

You need a good bedside lamp for reading in bed, because reading in dim light spoils your eyes. Pinpoint, downward light from a lamp with an adjustable arm is best if you don't want to disturb the person next to you with too much basic brightness.

bedside table lamp
 Credit: Canva Design


There is always something going on in the children's room, too. In addition to the right furniture, the right lighting in the children's room also plays a decisive role. In any case, the room should have a certain basic brightness. Dimmable ceiling spots illuminate the children's room evenly. A warm, glare-free light is just right. For crafts or homework, spot lighting is important. Thus, especially the light for working should be nice and bright to be easy on the eyes and promote concentration. With swiveling and rotating desk lamps, the light cone can be individually aligned. Important: Make sure that the surrounding area is bright to provide additional eye relief. You can use wall lamps or floor lamps to illuminate the space around the desk in a wonderfully discreet way.

Tip: To ensure that the lamp does not cast shadows during work, the correct orientation of the lamp is crucial. If your child is right-handed, the light should come from the left, and vice versa.

Therefore, it is also advisable to place the desk to the side of the window so that - especially in the sunny months - daylight can be used for work. For reading before going to bed, bedside lamps are, of course, just right, as they are not too glaring and provide pinpoint light. In addition, wall lamps at the head of the bed are worth considering, as are nightlights - they are a wonderfully gentle companion for falling asleep, take away children's fear of the dark and offer orientation.

In addition to the right desk and the right office chair, optimal lighting at the workplace is crucial for healthy work. Because this has an enormous impact on our health and performance, as good light is not only easy on the eyes, but also promotes our motivation and concentration.

The right table lamp can be of particular importance here and have a great influence on concentration.

What table lamps are currently in vogue?

Lamps in typical Scandinavian style are currently in vogue: light wood in noble design. The Danish furnishing trend "Hygge" has long since arrived. This means more time for coziness and for lamps that provide warmth and comfort.

floor lamp, table lamp, mid century lampshade, Scandinavian lampshade

Credit: Adesso Home
1 - Glenwood Floor Lamp. [shop now]
2 - Bali Table Lamp [shop now]


Extravagant and ostentatious, at the same time pure and minimalist - rarely have lamp trends been so diverse. It is above all the contrasts that are making interior fans cheer this season. The colors will also be exciting: elegant gray, unagitated beige and lots of wood will set the tone for the coming months.

We offer an extensive range of lamp & shades, to suit a wide variety of interior themes and spaces. From offices to living rooms, kitchens or hallways, we can help you find the perfect table lamp for your space. Unsure of which lamp shade design is right for you? Contact us today.



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