Bell Shaped Lamp Shades

Looking for a lamp shade with a flirtatious flair? A bell shaped lamp shade could be the perfect fit for your favorite lamp base!

Whether you need a replacement bell lamp shade for your bedside table reading light, or you want new bell lamp shades for every floor lamp in your living room, Lamp Shade Solution can help. Our massive collection of lamp shades includes many bell shaped varieties.

Find exactly the right lamp shade for one lamp or a household of lights. Why live in the dark when you can brighten the dimmest spaces beautifully? Order bell shaped and other lamp shades online today!


What Are Bell Shaped Lamp Shades?

Bell and bell shaped lamp shades are fairly easy to spot, even if you have not been in the lamp shade business for more than eight decades like we have.

What gives a bell shaped lamp shade its name is a curving, arcing, top-to-bottom asymmetry. When viewed from the side, a bell shaped lamp shade has a small opening at the top and a much wider one at the bottom.

This ingenious type of lamp shade floods the space under the lamp with lots of light. Plus, brightness filters through the lamp shade itself, diffusing throughout the general area.

Bell shaped lamp shades have become bestsellers because they go well with just about any type of interior design. Buy your favorite bell lamp shades with confidence from the professionals at Lamp Shade Solution.


How Can You Create a Unique Ambiance With a Bell Shaped Lamp Shade?

Having the right amount of light in any space is incredibly important. Bell shaped lamp shades allow you to focus beams of light downward, which can be perfect for conversation areas or reading nooks. 

Consider adding bell shaped lamp shades to tall floor lamps to wash more of the furniture and floor in warm glow. Or, place these types of lamp shades on table lamp bases to illuminate the tables and the areas around them.

Remember that the color of your bell shaped lamp shade will help add an element of charm to your room. You can find bell shaped lamp shades in many hues, including neutrals like cream and eggshell, as well as bold tints like burnt orange and brick red.


What Factors Should You Consider When Picking a Bell Lamp Shade?

Although the style and construction of the bell lamp shade you prefer is up to you, picking the right fit is essential.

Before you make your final decision, be sure to look at the sizes of our available bell shaped lamp shades. If you have a lamp shade on your lamp base already, measure the diameter of the bottom opening to get a basic idea of sizing. If you need help along the way, just get in touch with us to speak to a friendly professional.


Why Buy Lamp Shades From Lamp Shade Solution?

For generations, our lamp shade business has provided homeowners, business people and interior decorators with top-notch lamp shades. Now, you can order your lamp shades quickly and conveniently from the experts.

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