Empire Lamp Shades

Empire Shaped Lamp Shades

Empire lamp shades have always been a favorite choice for outfitting living spaces. Although they're a classic design choice, however, empire shaped lamp shades often get thrown into the "boring" category due to their plain shape and usually unembellished features. But these shades are also one of the easiest options to customize.

At Lamp Shade Solution, we offer a wide variety of empire style lamp shades that range in size, color, material and much more. In fact, we have an empire lamp shade for virtually any room or home design scheme. Browse our extensive section below or keep reading to discover more about the simple, versatile beauty of these shades.

What Is an Empire Shaped Lamp Shade?

When most people hear the word "lamp," they visualize an empire lamp shade. Why? Because empire lampshades are still the most recognizable lamp shade style around. Characterized by their classic bell-like shape, they feature small top diameters and larger bottom diameters. In most empire lamp shades, the top diameter is about one half of the bottom diameter, thus giving this style its gently sloped shape.

As one of the oldest lamp shade designs in the world, the empire lamp shade offers simple, minimalistic light diffusion that complements the aesthetics of most living spaces. Its easy customization is also a huge draw for DIY decorators.

How Do Empire Shaped Lamp Shades Affect the Atmosphere of Your Room?

Empire shaped lamp shades have become a staple of American home decor due to their universal appeal. There's rarely a lamp stand that can't be complemented by an empire-style shade. The popularity of the empire lamp shade can be attributed to both its simple design and how well it lends itself to personalization. It's incredibly easy to add borders, prints or top and bottom fringe, among other alterations, to these shades.

With these lamp shades, the options are endless. Whether your style is chic minimalist or high-end glamour, you can tailor an empire lamp shade exactly to your tastes.

How Do You Choose the Right Empire Shaped Lamp Shades?

Settled on one or several empire shaped lamp shades for your home? Here are a few tips for choosing the right kind for your living space:

  • Choose the right color empire shade for your existing decor. If you're having trouble with this step, remember that you can't go wrong with neutrals.
  • Select a lamp shade texture that complements other textures in the room. Consider the types of fabric, furniture, linens and other texture-adding elements that are already in your space to determine which empire lamp shade material will go well with the rest of the room.
  • Keep in mind that it's best to go with a simple empire lamp shade if you have an elaborate or extravagant lamp stand.

Why Choose Lamp Shade Solution for Your Empire Shaped Lamp Shades?

For more than 80 years, Lamp Shade Solution has been selling beautiful, high-quality lamp shades at an affordable price point. Browse our products below or contact us today for more information.