20-Inch Lamp Shades

As one of our larger types of lamp shades, the 20-inch lamp shade variety remains a bestseller among customers who need lamp shades for both table and floor lamp bases.

Every 20-inch lamp shade comes in the same size, but the individual lamp shade options are still unique in their own ways. Browse our complete collection of 20-inch lamp shades to find the right one for you.

Design any space like a pro with a little help from Lamp Shade Solution. For more than 80 years, we have worked with customers like you who want the best lamp shades on the market. High-quality 20-inch lamp shades are just a few clicks away! Order with confidence from our online lamp shade store.


What Makes a Lamp Shade a 20-Inch Variety?

All the lamp shades you see listed on this and the following pages measure a full 20 inches from top to bottom. However, one 20-inch lamp shade can be vastly different from another. In fact, 20-inch lamp shades come in many shapes:

  • Bells and coolies: These 20-inch lamp shades have smaller upper openings and larger bottom openings. They allow light to flood out the underside of the lamp, making them ideal for brightening larger spaces.
  • Drums: The drum lamp shade tends to be straight up and down with the same size opening at the top and bottom. However, drums may have cinched-in middle areas for visual interest and interesting lighting effects.
  • Euros: The Euro lamp shade, even in a 20-inch lamp shade size, has a very stocky feel to it. Utilitarian but charming, its contemporary, streamlined feel appeals to many modern homeowners and apartment dwellers.
  • Ovals: An oval lamp shade works its curves by being slightly oblong at its openings, instead of totally round. Oval 20-inch lamp shades have long been distinctive choices for interior designers who want to stage rooms to appeal to a wide array of individuals.
  • Rectangles and squares: These lovely 20-inch lamp shades present angles and straight lines. They are ideal if you want your lamp shades to stand out in a room. When a rectangular 20-inch lamp shade covered in satin or silky black fabric makes its way onto a table, it definitely gets a lot of notice!


Why Buy 20-Inch Lamp Shades From Lamp Shade Solution?

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