18-Inch Table Lamp Shades

Offering a full foot-and-a-half of fabric covering, 18-inch table lamp shades offer you the opportunity to dress up any table lamp base. 

Switch up the look of your bedside table by adding a flared lamp shade, or turn your office desk lamp into something a little more sophisticated with a square table lamp shade. How you choose to leverage your 18-inch table lamp shade is up to you. But it's up to us to bring you the best lamp shades on the market.

For more than 80 years, Lamp Shade Solution has served homeowners, designers and business people just like you who want 18-inch table lamp shades and other lamp shade products. Whether you want to replace your existing 18-inch table lamp shades, or you want to give some 18-inch table lamp shades as a gift, we have your perfect fit and price.


What Are 18-Inch Table Lamp Shades?

Table lamps are constructed to sit on a flat surface and provide a targeted, limited amount of light. Reading lamps are prime examples of table lamps.

It goes without saying that most table lamps are meant to have lamp shades. Lamp shades diffuse and subdue the light, offering up intensity without tremendous glare. Plus, they can add to the overall atmosphere and decor of a room.

Our 18-inch table lamp shades come in numerous colors and shapes. That way, you can easily choose the one that will fit in seamlessly with the rest of your living or working space.


How Can You Decorate With 18-Inch Table Lamp Shades?

Even if you are not an expert interior designer, you can successfully transform the way a room or area looks with a brand new 18-inch table lamp shade. The secret is making sure that your lamp shade blends in, and that means you have to consider the lamp shade style.

For instance, are you more interested in having a lamp shade with straight lines and angles or curves and rounded corners? If angles appeal to you, pick a hexagon, rectangle or square 18-inch table lamp shade. If soft curves hold appeal, try a bell, coolie or oval silhouette.

Similarly, if your room is decorated traditionally, you may want to lean toward a classic model like a coolie 18-inch table lamp shade. But if your whole home is contemporary and ultra-modern, Euro 18-inch table lamp shades could be the better way to go.


Finding the Best Lamp Shade Size

Although all 18-inch table lamp shades are uniform in size from top to bottom, their opening sizes will vary. This means you should be ready to measure the diameter of the bottom opening of your current 18-inch table lamp shade. The number you get will help narrow your choices with Lamp Shade Solution.

Still finding it a bit challenging to determine which 18-inch lamp shades will look best on your table lamps? Get in touch with us today. We would love to share our best advice for picking lamp shades you will appreciate for years.