18-Inch Table Lamp Shades

Offering a full foot-and-a-half of fabric covering, 18-inch table lamp shades offer you the opportunity to dress up any table lamp base. 

Switch up the look of your bedside table by adding a flared lamp shade, or turn your office desk lamp into something a little more sophisticated with a square table lamp shade. How you choose to leverage your 18-inch table lamp shade is up to you. But it's up to us to bring you the best lamp shades on the market.

For more than 80 years, Lamp Shade Solution has served homeowners, designers and business people just like you who want 18-inch table lamp shades and other lamp shade products. Whether you want to replace your existing 18-inch table lamp shades, or you want to give some 18-inch table lamp shades as a gift, we have your perfect fit and price.

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