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10 Reasons Why You're Going to Love a Silk Lamp Shade
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10 Reasons Why You're Going to Love a Silk Lamp Shade

No matter how technologically savvy humans get, or how forward fashion becomes, lamp shades and particularly, a silk lamp shade will always be part of the repertoire of a savvy interior decorator. 
If you would like to jazz up your room, home, or condo with little effort and greatest pizazz, then silk lamp shades should be your go-to.
Don't believe us? Check out ten reasons below why you need to get some silk lamp shades into your home asap. 


  1. Easy to Wash

The great thing about silk lamp shades is that they are easy to wash. All you have to do is dip them into mild, soapy water and use a clean cloth to gently wipe them in circular motions.

Then you can rinse them and use a towel to blot away the excess water. Hang to air dry. Voila!!

One thing to be cognizant of - the glue binding that your lamp shade uses. There might be a different way of taking care of them, and that's something you can talk to your manufacturer or local professional about.


  1. Has a Long Life

Silk has a long life. That's why silk fabrics were revered in the olden times and have been used since the Neolithic time period in China. 

The earliest example of woven silk comes from 2700 BC and the site of Qianshanyang in ancient China. It has been around for such a long time, because of its durability and versatility as a fabric. 

Your silk lamp shades will last a long time, and that means you can watch the silk material age gracefully over your lifetime. 


  1. Comes in Many Different Shapes and Sizes 

There are so many designs, materials, shapes, colors, and textures that silk lamp shades can be molded into. The possibilities are endless. 

If you are looking to be innovative with your indoor space, but don't have a lot of creative flair, then silk lamp shades can your secret weapon. Add them all over the room in different formats, and you will have a chic interior. 


  1. Designed to Fit Your Style

Another thing about silk is that it's a very soft fabric, and thus can be draped in various ways to create various decorative lamp shades.

If you have an idea in mind or a style that you wish to display, you could use a silk lamp shade to create that specific idea. The versatility of silk lamp shades is well-known. Use it to your design advantage. 


  1. Easy to Maintain

Not only is it easy to clean, but silk lamp shades are easy to maintain over their lifetime. Silk is one of the strongest fabrics known to humankind, and it's naturally made that way by the silk larvae. 

You won't have to do much to maintain your silk drum lamp shades, and that makes it even more of a joy to have in your home. No one needs another high-maintenance item to take care of. Right?


  1. Adds a Personal Flair to Your Home

With interior decoration, the main idea is to put your stamp on your home or apartment. You want people to walk into the house and know that this is your home. It should say 'you' in big bold letters.

With silk lamp shades, you have the possibility of placing that stamp in beautiful colors, textures, and styles. It's such an easy way to do it that it's surprising more people don't add silk lamp shades to their homes.


  1. Carries Visual Appeal

You have probably seen silk draped over a model on the runway. It shimmers, it glows, and it has a sheen to it that cannot be matched by any other fabric. There's a reason why silk has been around for so long.

There's a visual and sensual appeal to silk that no other fabric has. It's easy to add that visual appeal to your home using a black silk drum lamp shade.


  1. Has an Aesthetic Aspect

As with the visual appeal, silk lamp shades also have an aesthetic aspect. Don't you just love running your fingers up and down a silk garment?  

It feels divine, and it's something that you wouldn't be mistaken to add to your home decoration goals. 


  1. Easy to Jazz up a Room

Perhaps you don't have a huge budget, but you are looking to create a special ambiance or space in your home or condo. It's easy to do with a silk lamp shade. 

You don't have to even stop at adding one or two. You can add black silk lamp shades all over your house, as they don't take up that much space, and will add that spice that your home decor is missing. 


  1. Cheaper Than Any Other Decorative Items

Getting a fireplace added in or buying a couch can be an expensive way to decorate your home. It adds up pretty fast, doesn't it?

If you are not interested in spending hundreds on your home decor items, then a silk lamp shade is the ticket.

This way you would be able to sprinkle them around the house, create the atmosphere you want, and stay within your budget. Everyone is going to be asking you who your interior decorator is.

Shhh, it's our little secret.

If you didn't have a silk lamp shade on your home decor list yet, then what are you waiting for? The ten reasons above prove without a shadow of a doubt that silk lamp shades are the new big thing in interior decoration.

You don't even need to be an expert to know that everyone's going to want one of these for their home soon. 

Interested in purchasing a silk lamp shade or two for your home? Check out the collection of elegant lamp shades from Lamp Shade Solution today.


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