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5 Reasons Black Lamp Shades Are a Great Design Idea
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5 Reasons Black Lamp Shades Are a Great Design Idea

The little black dress has been a fixation for fashionistas for decades because, despite its simplicity, it evokes powerful feelings of class and sophistication. In many ways, a black lamp shade is the little black dress of interior design.
Many people avoid black lamp shades because they fear they might be too dark or gothic. However, this is a misconception. A black lamp shade can bring new levels of elegance to your home.

Incorporating black into your rooms can add a flair of drama, without coming across too strong. It's exactly the kind of bold piece that your room needs.
In this article, you'll learn about some of the top reasons why a black lamp shade could be the perfect design choice for your home, so keep reading if you're on the fence about this stunning option! 

1. Black Matches Everything

Black isn't on the color wheel at all. This is because it isn't a color - it's every color together. This is great news for interior designers because black matches every color!
Most contemporary designs focus on natural tones and muted shades like white, grey, and beige. These color palettes can lead to beautiful homes, but sometimes lack the depth to bring them all together.
In these settings, a white lamp shade can make the room feel as if it is lacking definition. A simple black lamp shade can tie the whole room together.
With a lighter palate, black can add a dash of color and drama and create a bit of contrast in the room. Even pairing black and white together makes for a classically elegant combination of colors. 
When working with a darker palette, black lamp shades can create a dark, elevated theme. Black with dark blue, burgundy, or even dark brown can make a room feel cool and dramatic. 
So, it doesn't matter what color your rooms are, black can match with yellows, greens, reds, and more!


2. The Power of Contrast

In a room where everything is the same shade and color, there's not much visual appeal or interest. Contrast is a powerful design tool that can be used to make the room less bland. Contrast can emphasize different points of focus and create visual interest. 
If everything contrasts with everything else, the room can be confusing and visiting eyes will be overwhelmed. That's why a black lamp shade is a perfect touch. It's not too bold, but also not too subtle and provides the right amount of contrast.
Don't be limited by thinking about tableside lamps. Whether you're looking for small or large lamp shades, the possibilities are endless. You could use a black lamp shade on pendant lamps, floor lamps, or even chandeliers.
Placing a black lamp shade high up can lead the eyes upward, making the room feel taller than it is. A lower lamp shade can make the room feel deeper and more inviting.
While too much black can make your room feel heavy, some accents of black can create the perfect sense of flow. 

3. A Variety of Textures

Black is still a natural color, so while it can be bold and exciting, there's still room to make it even more interesting. If you play with textures, you can add a whole different dimension to your lights. 
A silk lampshade can make a room feel more expensive and luxurious. The light coming through the lampshade is softer and can make the room feel deeper. 
There are also various lampshades with ruching around the top, which can add an understated sense of elegance to the room.
On the inside of the lampshade, you can opt for a white or gold lining. Black and gold lamp shades add polish to a room, while black and white lamp shades keep it classic for a room that's already got enough visual interest. 

4. Feng Shui of Black Lamp Shades

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of harmonizing the home. In Feng Shui, every color is associated with one of the natural elements and also has a variety of symbolic meanings.
Black is associated with the water element and is often thought to ground the environment. Feng Shui also associates black with the energy of mystery and sophistication, linking it with the color of night and deep waters. 
Incorporating black into a room is thought to symbolize courage to overcome fear, the will to accomplish life's goals, and the perseverance to confront life's mysteries. 

5. Color Psychology

Black has always been a symbol of sleek, classic power in our society. Consider how the black outfits of judges and priests evoke a sense of respect. You can also see this in effect at any fancy event where the men wear black tuxedos and many women opt for a black dress.
In color psychology, black is the color of elegance, sophistication, and confidence. A sleek touch of black evokes those same feelings in your home. 
Sometimes black carries with it negative connotations of evil. However, the use of black to represent villains and darkness is not because black is an inherently evil color. It's because black creates a sense of mystery and intrigue, with a flash of drama; perfect for giving an evil character a bit more appeal and depth.
Black can be a polarizing color, but in interior design, its effects are somewhat muted by the rest of the room. Black accents like black lamp shades give just a dash of mystery without overwhelming the room. 

Experiment With the Color Black

One of the greatest advantages of black lamp shades is that they're easy to change without remodeling. You can buy a few, and try them out in different rooms, and see how they feel on different lamps and different spaces. 
If you're ready to try out a black lamp shade, feel free to browse our collection of affordable lamp shades today, and reach out if you have any questions! 




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