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Interior Design Trends: Traditional and Transitional Home Decor Themes
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Interior Design Trends: Traditional and Transitional Home Decor Themes

Traditional interior design style, or transitional interior design style? Could you tell the difference between the two? Both are extremely popular interior themes, and each has its own distinct aesthetic.


This week, we explore these two common interior design themes and what makes them so versatile. We show you how to introduce these trends into your own home, including our collections of traditional lamp shades and transitional lamp shades.


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Traditional Interior Design


Traditional home design truly stands the test of time. Recognized by influences from the 18th and 19th century, traditional design pieces include ornate flourishes, fluted accents, and elegant details. The design style is inspired by the historical European stately homes and mansions, which featured sumptuous interiors and eclectic style – often rooms were crammed with art, statues, velvet and brocade fabrics, rugs and intricately carved furniture.


Traditional home décor really is an opportunity to embrace maximalism and decorate with lavish and luxe finishes. Think more is more: chandeliers, gold embellishments, glass accents and gilded touches for a stately home-feel.



Credit: Architectural Digest


For lighting, traditionally designed rooms are often illuminated by ambient lighting from a variety of points and include ceiling lights, wall lights or sconces, and table lamps, always decorated with a luxurious lamp shade or ornate chandelier.


Traditional Lamp Shades


Create a traditional interior design theme with our collection of Traditional Lamp Shades. With fluted shapes, pleated fabrics smocked details, and braided edging, our traditionally-inspired lamp shades will complement ornate decorative themes. Available in a variety of different colors, or for a truly authentic traditional interior design style, opt for classic cream or off-white, in a luxurious silk fabric.


You can learn more about our collection of luxury Real Silk Lamp Shades in our blog: A Buying Guide: Silk Lamp Shades.


Transitional Interior Design


Transitional interior design represents a mix of styles that are considered traditional with modern and contemporary items. This interior design style is a great way to create versatility in your home, plus make use of family heirlooms or vintage pieces by giving them a fresh look, incorporating them into a contemporary theme.


Transitional design can also be used to describe specific pieces of furniture, lighting or home accessories with a design that blends influences from both historical and contemporary themes.


This theme is hugely popular for its wide versatility, with the ability to blend old and new styles harmoniously to create an eclectic home interior theme.



Credit: Veranda Magazine


We love the transitional setting pictured above for its clean lines and contemporary white and yellow palette, with a nod to traditional style, including floor-length curtains, parquet floor, round mahogany table, and a dramatic glass chandelier.


Transitional Lamp Shades


Created to complement transitional design themes and embodying influences of both old and new, our selection of Transitional Lamp Shades are the perfect way to accent this design style. Opt for white or black for a modern feel, or creams for a more traditional look.


Our textural String Lamp Shades are ideal for a transitional interior design style, with a subtle, textural effect with rows of intricate string overlaying a classic lamp shade shape.





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