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Black Lamp Shades: A Lamp Shade Buying Guide
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Black Lamp Shades: A Lamp Shade Buying Guide

For instant style and sophistication, there’s no better finishing touch than a black lamp shade. In a wide selection of shapes and fabrics, black lamp shades offer a sleek silhouette, crisp monochromatic aesthetic and a modern feel. We love this particular color of lampshade for a sharp and contemporary look, and its versatility in an array of lampshade designs and shapes; bell, drum, coolie, and more.


Unsure of which black lamp shade style to choose for your home, or workspace? Read on to learn more!


Drum Black Lamp Shades

Our drum black lamp shades create an ultra-modern feel. Drum lamp shades are a contemporary style with a precise cylindrical form, and when crafted in a solid black color this modern aesthetic is emphasized and this creates a very clean and geometric feel.


Opt between gold and white linings depending on the type of light that you want. We recommend gold linings for rooms in which you would like to create a soft and warm light (bedrooms or living rooms), and white linings in rooms that require clear and bright illumination (study rooms or workspaces).


           Black Drum Lamp Shades


Black Bell Lamp Shades

Bell shades are a tapered and more traditional lamp shade design, and when paired with a classic black hue offer a highly sophisticated look. In a bell-shaped design which curves out to spread wider at the base, these shapely conical lampshades create a dramatic focal point whether switched on or off. Our selection of black bell lampshades are both striking and timeless, and work well on a range of lamp base designs and shapes, and suit a variety of home decorative themes.


         Black Bell Lamp Shades


Empire Lamp Shades and Coolie Black Lamp Shades

These conical lamp shades are a very recognizable and popular design – narrow at the top of the lamp shade and broader across the bottom. Coolie lamp shades and empire lamp shades are perfect for accessorizing lamps next to your bed, a chair or sofa, desk lamps or ceiling lights, as they allow light to cast wide from the base and create generous illumination. Opt for lamp shades with a good gold or white lining which will reflect bulb light, and create an additional ambient effect.


          Black Coolie Lamp Shades


Black coolie and empire lamp shades are a great way to create a clean and transitional appearance in any room. We offer a wide selection of fabric types in our black lamp shades, from synthetic hardback for a crisp look, to silk or rayon for a softer and more traditional feel.


                Black Empire Lamp Shades


Black String Lamp Shades

For a unique lighting effect, opt for a contemporary string lamp shade – a design which features rows of thin string woven around a lampshade frame, creating a detailed and striking effect. Our black string lamp shade designs feature a soft backed white lining which is also effective for letting plenty of bright light through, making these lamp shades great for workspaces as well as living rooms or hallways. We offer black string lamp shades in coolie, empire, drum, oval and rectangular designs, to suit any living space or lamp base style.


                     Black String Lamp Shades


Black Lamp Shades at Lamp Shade Solution

We offer an extensive range of black lamp shades, to suit a wide variety of interior themes and spaces. From offices to living rooms, kitchens or hallways, we can help you find the perfect black lamp shade for your space. Unsure of which lamp shade design is right for you? Contact us today.

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