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Fabric Trends For Interiors: Home Textile Trends in 2019
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Fabric Trends For Interiors: Home Textile Trends in 2019

Wondering what’s next in interior home decoration? We’ve researched and explored the latest fabric trends for interiors to bring you the newest home textile trends in 2019. It’s certainly a bold and lavish year ahead for home décor, with sumptuous velvets, decorative string fringing, bright coral hues and intricate botanical and Oriental prints.




Fabric trends for interiors have been heavily influenced by seventies nostalgia over the past year, and that retro influence looks set to inspire home decor themes even more in the coming 12 months, with plenty of textural accents - including fringing.  This year, fringing is predicted to adorn an abundance of home furniture and accessories, from mirrors to sofas, to lampshades, soft furnishings and more, as a not-so-subtle nod to the era.


Credit: Very

Interior design trends are predicting that fringing will be decorating our homes in a myriad of colors – everything from vivid jewel tones to muted pinks and greys. Embrace the home textile trend for fringing with our own Silk String Drum Lamp Shade from our selection of String Lamp Shades.




Velvet’s soft and sumptuous texture has captivated home textile trends in 2018 and looks to be a prominent feature for 2019. Gracing upholstered sofas, plush footstools, soft furnishings, wall decorations, and home accessories, this luxurious fabric doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon.



Although a reasonably inexpensive fabric, velvet has a distinctly luxurious look which gives instant glamour to furniture and home accessories. Velvet also holds strong colors beautifully and works particularly well with bold jewel tones, reflecting light on the soft nap of the fabric.


Forecasted hues such as coral and pink will undoubtedly be used prevalently in this brushed material – look out for colorful armchairs, sofas, chaises and soft furnishings crafted in this short pile fabric.


Coral is the New Black


With Pantone’s recently announced color of the year Living Coral, we can expect to find this lively hue splashed generously throughout this year's fabric trends for interiors. A vivacious hue, this color works well on interior fabrics, particularly bed linen, cushions, and curtains. Applicable to a variety of rooms and purposes, from bathroom towels to dining chair seat pads, or knotted throws and rugs, this color is versatile enough to work with either neutral greys and whites, or bold and bright color themes.


Credit: Pinterest


Prints: Oriental, Geometric and Botanical


The most popular prints in 2019 will be inspired by natural, leafy greenery, retro patterns, and Eastern embroidery and artistry. Following a wave of popularity in indoor plants, it’s no surprise that botanical themes have crept into our home furnishings, with palm fronds, monstera leaves, and ferns appearing on bed sheets, cushions, and curtains.


Graphic designs influenced by other retro themes have brought in a new trend for vintage geometric forms. With 2019 marking 100 years of Bauhaus, we can also expect to see plenty of this vintage-style art making a mark on the high street. Think primary colors, angular, geometric shapes and balanced composition.


Credit: Pinterest

New oriental inspired print themes feature heavily in home textile trends in 2019, with luxe silk fabrics featuring graceful bird prints and intricate patterns, created by a mixture of embroidery and prints. Asian inspired prints feature particularly prominently in embroidered throws and bed linen and decorative plush cushions


Looking for more interior design inspiration? Why not read our blog: Interior Design Trends: Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2019.

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