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Choosing a Lamp Size | How To Select a Table Lamp
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Choosing a Lamp Size | How To Select a Table Lamp

Table lamp height, width, and the setting for your lamp are important factors when selecting a table lamp. In addition to style, color, and lamp shade, when choosing a lamp size you also must think about how your light will fit and look when inside the room. Scale is an important factor because it helps to create variation and levels within a space - if a lamp base harmoniously matches the surroundings in which it is used, it should blend in seamlessly without detracting from the rest of your interior.


Here, we list some simple and practical steps you can take when choosing a lamp size, to ensure that your new lamp will match your living room, bedroom, hallway, or home office.


Eye Level Measurement

Firstly, sit in the space where you want your new lamp to be, or position yourself near to where you require the table lamp. Measure the distance between your eye level and the surface on which the table lamp will be placed. This will help to determine where the top, or where light bulb fitting on the lamp should be. You want to ensure that the lamp won’t exceed the measurement you’ve just created, as the lamp will be too high. If you’re selecting a table lamp for a bedside table, make sure you take any measurements from eye level to table level while you are in a sitting position on your mattress.


This is your lamp base measurement and can be used to determine lamp shade height next.


Lamp Shade Height and Total Height

Next, you can consider the height of your lamp shade. As a general rule, lamp shades should be around 1/3 of the total height of the base, plus the shade. You can calculate this quickly by simply taking your base measurement (that you’ve just determined from your eye level to table height) and diving this by 3. This will give you a rough idea of how tall your shade will be. Add the base and the lamp shade measurements together and this will be your total estimated lampshade height.


Creating Scale

Finally, consider the space in which you are going to use your new table lamp. If you have tall statues or figurines, you’ll want to stagger them throughout the space to create visual interest and scale. Scale adds aesthetic quality and shapes the visual narrative of a room, and is one of the most celebrated techniques for interior design when used effectively. You can create your own element of scale in your home by interspersing objects in varying heights, to keep the eye travelling around the space.


Consider Color, Pattern and Texture

Other considerations for successful interior design combine color, shape, texture, pattern, and size to add to your theme and provide a visual narrative for a room. When choosing your lamp base and shade, ensure that the color and texture are harmonious to your existing theme – dark colors or extremely bright colors or patterns can also appear too large and will dominate a room if not matched well.


Lastly check the size and shape of the lamp shade. We also have useful guides on How To Select a Lamp Shade Design and How To Measure A Lamp Shade, which give more information more specific to lamp shade sizing.



Lamp Shade Solution Lights and Lamp Shades

Do you have any questions for buying a new table lamp? If you would like to find out more about the designs and types of lamps that we offer, or find out more about choosing a lamp size, then please contact us at or by using the form here.

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