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How to Find Affordable Lamp Shades That Look Great
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How to Find Affordable Lamp Shades That Look Great

Do you want to save a bit and avoid hiring a professional? Not sure how to choose affordable but luxurious lamp shades that fit your interior design?

It’s simple: do your research by reading this guide.

Here are some tips and factors to consider when choosing a lampshade. Learn more to discover how you can balance affordability and aesthetics.

  1. Types of Lamp Shades Styles

If you're shopping for great-looking lamp shades online, consider the shape of your lamp. The general rule is that you use your lamp's shape to decide what type of shade you'll get. This is to make the lampshade fit neatly into any room of your home.

Here are the different styles of lamp shades for you to consider. Choose among them to make any room feel more comfortable and stylish.

Empire Lamp Shades

It’s a classic shade with a cone shape. It features a small top diameter with a larger bottom diameter. It’s a safe choice because of its versatility.

It means empire lamp shades will work with most lamp shapes and styles. Regardless of your décor, you’re unlikely to go wrong with this style. It’s what makes it a good choice for beginners.










Bell Lamp Shades

Like Empire lamp shades, bell lamp shades have a cone shape. The difference is that it has curved, sloping sides. It achieves this shape by attaching several panels.

These panels will come together at the seams running through the lampshade. With this, bell lamp shades are great if your home has a more traditional theme. They fit with other traditional décors because of their antique design.


Drum Lamp Shades

Unlike the first two types, drum lamp shades have a cylinder shape. It means both top and bottom diameters are the same. It’s the best choice if your lamp needs a more contemporary flair.

This shade also works when your lamp has a rounded, vase-like silhouette. This variety also works well with a thin, candlestick-shaped body.











Square and Rectangle Lamp Shades

These lamps’ shapes are either pyramid or cube. It’s the perfect choice if you intend to put a lamp on the side or console tables. It manages the space well because it works even with limited spaces.

Make the most out of square or rectangle lamp shades with lamps with prominent angles and lines. You may also use black lamp shades to add a more minimalistic feel to it. This also adds a subtle edge to your room.


  1. Lamp Shade Size and Fitter

Picking the right lampshade is necessary if you aim for a proportional look for your lamp. A general rule is to get one that’s wider than the lamp’s base. It must be an inch or two wider and tall enough to conceal all the hardware on the lamp.

Your choice of lamp shade must have the appropriate fitter for your lamp. You’ll find these inside the lampshade. In most cases, you can either screw it onto the lamp, slip it over the bulb socket, or attach it right to the bulb.

  1. Lamp Shade Material

Because of the growing lamp industry, you have more material choices than ever. Never rush on choosing based on the material. It’s an important factor since it adds style and a special lighting effect to your lamp.

The shade material will set the mood of the lighting. It can either make it subtle for a softer mood or bright enough to dominate the room with light. Each material also determines the patterns and colors you can pick.

Here are popular lamp shade materials you must choose from:


Some of the most popular fabric options in the market include cotton, linen, and silk. You can choose from a wide array of colors and patterns with fabric lamp shades. It eases the process of choosing a shade that fits your home’s style.

For example, a white pleated lampshade is best for a classic theme. Contemporary homes will look better with livelier patterns. As said above, using black for your lamp gives it a minimalistic yet sophisticated feel.

Credits: Modsy



This material is the most popular choice for antique lighting. Tiffany-style lamps with colored glass make an ambiance, unlike any other. With their color variety, these lamp shades can make your room dazzling.

If your room’s theme is traditional, glass lamp shades contribute to its vintage feel.


Lamp shades made from paper are light and thin. They have lots of color options, but the most popular among them is the natural parchment color. You can print or paint unique designs on paper lamp shades to give the room unique lighting.

Some paper lamps make your rooms have a more oriental feel. Other designs contribute to the rustic, homely setting. If you want your room to feel simple and welcoming, paper lamp shades are cheap and effective.


Are you fond of industrial décor? If so, investing in metal lamp shades is perfect. You can pick various metallic finishes, such as:

  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Chrome

Regardless of your desired look, you can coordinate these lamp shades. It’s perfect if you want a modern-looking lamp on your bedside table. It’s because metal lamp shades are opaquer, meaning they won’t be as bright.

The lack of brightness is this lampshade material’s strength. You can use it in your living room if you want a more subdued accent lighting option.

Get Affordable Lamp Shades Today

With these factors, you’ll have an easier time determining the kind of lampshade your room needs. It saves money and time since you need not spend more if you chose wrong.

Are you looking to buy affordable lamp shades? If so, we have a huge collection of unique ready-made lamp shades for your home. 

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