Rectangle Lamp Shades for Sale

Are you looking for a fun way to add some accent elements to a room? Why not replace your regular lamp shades with rectangular ones? Rectangle lamp shades offer just the right mix of fun and sophistication to switch up a room design without costing a fortune. At Lamp Shade Solution, we have spent more than eight decades finding and selling the best lamp shades on the market.

Buy rectangle lamp shades for sale from our online store right now. Have questions? Contact our team of experts for fast, knowledgeable advice. We know the art of bringing light to every space.


What Are Rectangle-Shaped Lamp Shades?

Rectangle lamp shades can be both rectangular or square in shape. The top and bottom openings feature angular corners, rather than curves. These types of lamp shades are available in many different colors and sizes, ideal for a variety of occasions and locations.

Because of their boxier shape, rectangle lamp shades can slip into slender spaces where wider, conical lamp shades might not fit. 


How Can You Use Rectangle Lamp Shades in Interior Designing?

Lamp shades offer fast, simple and affordable ways for you to quickly spruce up the look and feel of any room or larger space. More specifically, they allow you to add more horizontal and vertical lines to a general location. This can help echo the straight lines of a desk or bookshelf, or contrast wavier lines of a rocking chair back or curved sleigh bed.

Try using rectangle lamp shades to add strength and character, rather than softness and flow, to part of a room. For instance, you may want to put a lamp with a streamlined rectangle lamp shade on a small, sturdy nightstand in your guest room. 


Hints to Help Choose the Right Rectangle Lamp Shade

Want help picking your next replacement rectangle lamp shade? Be sure to measure the old one first. That way, you can be sure to get one that will have an exact fit.

Like all the lamp shades available at Lamp Shade Solution, our rectangle ones come in a variety of colors. From grays to whites and brights to muted hues, each lamp shade will cast a different intensity of light upwards and downwards.

While you can definitely mix rectangle lamp shades with other types of lamp shades in a space, you may want more consistency. Simply look through our rectangle lamp shades for sale to see which ones will go best with each other. Start by choosing a particular collection, and then narrow your choices from there.


Why Choose Lamp Shade Solution for Your Lamp Shades?

At Lamp Shade Solution, we remain passionate about selling premium lamp shades to our customers. You can be sure that all the lamp shades you receive from our store are exactly as described. 

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