Euro Lamp Shades

Are you looking for a no-nonsense lamp shade with handsome, long-lasting appeal? Meet the stunning Euro lamp shade!

The Euro lamp shade offers just the right blend of functionality and aesthetics, perfect for many spaces in your home, including bedrooms, living rooms, dens and offices. You might even want to put a Euro lamp shade on a lamp in a hallway to flood your space with the maximum amount of filtered, directed light.

Order your favorite types of Euro lamp shades today from Lamp Shade Solution. Need help or have questions? Contact our team for friendly suggestions based on your personalized needs.


What Makes a Lamp Shade a Euro?

The Euro lamp shade has a very distinctive appeal because of its somewhat stocky, but not always short, stature. Generally speaking, the fabric-covered portion of the lamp has a smaller footprint than other lamp shade varieties. This enables the lamp shade to throw more light upwards, downwards and partially to the side.

A Euro lamp shade tends to let lots of brightness into an area, making it perfect for locations that would otherwise be dimly lit or dark. Experiment today with Euro lamp shades throughout your home, whether you want a contemporary or traditional ambiance.


How to Decorate Using Euro Lamp Shades

You do not need to be a professional interior designer to learn how to make Euro lamp shades part of your overall decor theme. Some excellent ways to use Euro lamp shades are for lamp bases that are attractive and sleek. Because Euro lamp shades tend to have streamlined silhouettes, they go well with straightforward lamp bases, rather than highly adorned ones.

Additionally, Euro lamp shades are excellent choices for basic table lamps without a lot of frills. If you want a minimalist touch that still feels regal and warm, consider adding a Euro lamp shade to your home or business interior.

Be sure to look through the different neutral hues available in a variety of fabrics for our Euro lamp shades. You can easily find a color to match the atmosphere you are trying to create.


Helpful Hints for Picking the Perfect Euro Lamp Shade

To help you find the right Euro lamp shade, we have added several drop down menu selection criteria. The most important is the size of the lamp shade, which is measured in inches along the diameter of the base opening. If you have trouble measuring your current lamp shade, or your lamp base came without a shade, feel free to call us for assistance.

Next, pick the material you like most. Euro lamp shades are made in a diverse range of materials, including textured burlap and smooth satin.

Of course, you will also want to choose between a hard and soft lining. Hard linings tend to drive light upwards and downwards, whereas soft linings encourage more of a glow from the covered area.


Why Lamp Shade Solution

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