Drum Style Lamp Shades

Best known for being a staple of mid-century modern furniture, drum style lamp shades have come back into style in the past few decades. As a result, you may need some drum style lamp shade replacements for ones in your home or office.

To make ordering drum lamp shades a breeze, we have set up our efficient online store. Simply pick the right lamp shade style, size, color and construction. Then, let us do the rest.

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How Would You Describe Drum Style Lamp Shades?

If you are new to the world of lamp shades, you might wonder what makes a lamp shade a "drum style." Essentially, a drum style lamp shade has roughly the same size opening at the top and the bottom of the shade.

The uniformity of the top and bottom openings allows light to filter upward and downward at about the same intensity. Therefore, you get a lot of glow above your lamp, as well as below it.

Drum style lamp shades can be circular or have more angles. Though most drum lamp shades are cylindrical, some can be square, allowing them to better fit into corners.


How Can You Use Drum Style Lamp Shades to Spruce up a Space?

Because a drum style lamp shade is going to filter lots of light upward and downward, it makes a great lamp shade in any space that requires a significant amount of light. Many homeowners prefer having drum style lamp shades in their living rooms, conversation nooks, family rooms, and dens.

Of course, drum style lamp shades can just as easily go in a bedroom or office. With their symmetrical appeal and classic good looks, they are certain to add to the ambiance of any location. Plus, they come in a variety of colors from light to dark and neutral to distinctive. This means you can rapidly transform any room just by buying a new lamp shade.


Ways to Choose the Right Drum Style Lamp Shade

If you are buying a drum style lamp shade to replace a current one, the easiest way to find the right size is to measure the diameter of the bottom opening. The number will give you a starting point. From there, you can begin to pick between different fabrics and constructions.

Of course, if you are trying to match a drum style lamp shade to a lamp without a shade, you should do your best to estimate what size opening will be suitable. Our team members are accustomed to helping customers with questions, so feel free to contact us if you need assistance.


Why Get Drum Style Lamp Shades From Lamp Shade Solution?

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