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What’s the Right Size for Your Lamp Base?
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What’s the Right Size for Your Lamp Base?

Scale is something that you should consider when decorating a room.

When buying a new lamp for your beautiful home, there are many considerations to make. In addition to style, color, and lampshade, you also must think about how it will fit inside a room. Scale is very important because it helps create depth and dimension in a space. The size of the lamp base that you buy should match the other décor you have in a room so that it blends in rather than standing out tackily.

Lamps are practical, beautiful, and tasteful when placed in a space with deliberation. Knowing how they will look once brought into the home can be a challenge that is easily overcome with practice. Learning how to properly measure a lamp base is a skill that benefits you by beautifying your home.

Here is how you determine if a lamp base is the right size for a room.

Take a table-to-eye measurement.

While sitting in a chair or on your sofa, measure the distance between the surface of the table and your eye level. You’ll want the lamp that you buy not to exceed the table-to-eye measurement that you’ve come up with. If you’re measuring the distance between a bedside table, the length should be based on your eye level while in a sitting position on your mattress.

If you want this measurement to be precise, you can ask another person to hold the other end of the measuring tape. Hold it to the side of your eye and have someone else pull it out to where the table is. Make sure to record the measurement right away and put it as a memo on your phone for easy reference.

Consider the shade length as the total length of the lamp.

The length of the shade should also be considered because it makes up the entire piece. It should be considered 65 to 80 percent of the length of the base. This allows you to get an idea of how tall the entire piece is from top to bottom as well as how it will look among other items inside the room.

Additional tips that make buying the right lamp base easier.

A measuring tape ensures that you get the most accurate measurements for your lamp base and lampshade. You’ll get a better idea of how the lamp will work in the room you’re placing it in. If you have tall statues or figurines, you’ll want to stagger them throughout the space to create visual interest.

You can intersperse objects in varying heights to keep a person’s eyes moving around the room easily. You’ll find that you can create an exciting environment for people to be in by using color, shape, texture, pattern, and size to add to your theme and provide a visual narrative for a room.

Scale adds to the aesthetic of a space and shapes the visual narrative of a room.

The right size lamp base complements your current décor. It neither overwhelms or underwhelms the other furnishings inside a room. It adds to the general aesthetic in a pleasant way. Lamps are arguably functional and fashionable if you carefully select them with scale in mind.

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