Silk Lamp Shades

When you want to purchase a lamp shade that exudes elegance and traditional great looks, you should always consider one made from 100% silk. Silk is both a lovely material and a classic and beloved lamp shade option.

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What Are Silk Lamp Shades?

A silk lamp shade is created by draping pure pongee silk or shantung over a metal lamp shade frame. The silk diffuses the light, creating a soft, pure glow. Many lamp shade buyers prefer shades made of silk because they tend to cast such a true brightness.

As you can see as you look through our collection of silk lamp shades, the shades themselves come in plenty of colors. This allows you to decorate your space exactly as desired. From neutrals to bold hues, our silk lamp shades run the color wheel gamut.

You can definitely see the difference in a silk lamp shade from the moment you plug in your lamp. Order silk lamp shades at great prices from Lamp Shade Solution today. If your total order exceeds $75, you'll automatically receive free shipping!


How Do Silk Lamp Shades Affect a Room's Tone?

Because silk tends to allow light to filter through evenly and efficiently, silk lamp shades normally cast a dependable, attractive light.

You can subtly change the overall warmth or intensity by choosing a different silk color or shade shape. For instance, a cream-colored lamp shade will offer a more golden glow than a pristine white one, and a coolie style lamp shade will spread the light to a wider area than a narrow rectangle shaped shade will.


How to Choose the Right Silk Lamp Shade

Deciding which silk lamp shade will work best for your needs starts with understanding how big your lamp shade should be. If you are ordering a replacement lamp shade, you can easily measure the existing shade to determine the width of the bottom opening.

We recommend that you browse our assortment of silk lamp shades to determine which colors and construction styles will best match your decor. Silk lamp shades can go anywhere, so you can be certain you will find something to fit your expectations.


Why Lamp Shade Solution

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