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What's the Difference Between a Euro Fitter and a UNO Fitter?
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What's the Difference Between a Euro Fitter and a UNO Fitter?

Perhaps you've experienced this issue - you've bought a lampshade from your favorite homewares store, only to get it home and realize that it doesn't fit your light. Sound familiar? One of the easiest mistakes to make when choosing between lamp shade fittings is that of a Euro Fitter and a UNO fitter. With many similarities, distinguishing between the characteristics of a UNO and a Euro shade can be tricky. Here we list out how you can differentiate between the two and recognize the subtle differences between a UNO and Euro lamp shade fitter.


Does Your Lampshade Have a UNO or A Euro Fitter?

It's most straightforward to start with the similarities of a Euro and a UNO fitter. Both of these lamp shade fittings include a threaded ring, which attaches around the light bulb base - whether that's facing upwards or downwards. If your lampshade is for a ceiling light, the threaded ring and spokes will be situated at the top of the shade; if it's for a table lamp, they will be on the bottom.

Both Euro Fitters and UNO fitters are designed to attach directly to the bulb socket and require no additional parts to attach light to shade.


| UNO Fitters |

Uno lamp shade fitters sit directly inside a specialized light bulb socket, secured by a threaded ring held in place by the light bulb.

UNO fitters are designed to match a specific size of the bulb setting, and so if replacing a shade for a UNO setting, you will likely need to purchase a lampshade with the same type of UNO fitting.


uno fitter lampshade



| Euro or European Fitters |

A Euro fitter joins the lamp to the light between two parts surrounding the bulb, held in place by a thin gap that exists between the bulb socket and base.

European Fitters are also known as ES fittings (Edison Screw or European Standard).

Often, when buying lampshades from European retailers (e.g. IKEA), many customers return home to find that their lampshades don't fit their lights. It's an easy mistake to make, choosing a Euro shade in place of a UNO. This mishap results in either ill-fitting or unusable lampshades, so it's always worth checking your light's requirements before purchasing.


euro fitter lampshade ring table lamp


How to Tell the Difference Between a Euro Fitter and a UNO Fitter

Despite their similarities, there are ways to tell these lampshades apart. The easiest way is to measure the inner ring.

European fitters (ES) are 4cm or 1 9/16" in diameter, whereas UNO fitter lampshades have a smaller inner fitting and should measure 3.2cm or 1.25" in diameter.

Lamps imported to the US and lamps purchased from IKEA or Target almost always require European fitters.

The other distinguishing feature of a UNO fitter is the ring itself. UNO fitters are thicker and slightly broader than the standard inner Euro ring. This thicker band fits inside the allocated slot within the light bulb setting.

Can You Adjust a Lampshade to Fit if it's the Wrong Size?

If you've bought the wrong shade, it's ok! There are ways to convert a Euro shade to match a UNO fitter. It's possible to use a lampshade reducer to bring the diameter of the ring inwards. This type of adapter is useful if you've picked up a shade from a homewares store that unfortunately doesn't fit your home lighting.

Alternatively, speak to us to find out if we can help with your query. Whatever your needs, our extensive range of lamp shade styles and a wide range of lamp shade fittings will be able to cater to your lighting requirements.

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