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Are Black Lamp Shades Too Dark?
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Are Black Lamp Shades Too Dark?

While black lamp shades are known for absorbing more light than lighter shades, they can work with a variety of styles and accessories to accentuate any space. They may be the solution you're looking for if you want a splash of moody flair. Read on to discover some of our favorite pairings and style ideas when it comes to incorporating black lamp shades into any room.  

black lamp shade or white lamp shade

Black Lamp Shades and Light Bulbs: Classic Combinations 

Black lamp shades direct color down, adding drama and a sophisticated lighting statement to any space. They work best in areas where you want softer — rather than brighter — light. They are also ideal for spaces with more than one light source, so you will also have a sufficient amount of light. 

Sometimes, a black lamp shade keeps a room from appearing too airy or bland. Think of an all-white room or a space full of neutral colors. While this look is often fresh and simple, a black or other dark-colored lamp shade can add just the right amount of modern, classic and elegant flair. Black lamp shades are revered for their dramatic yet romantic appearance. 

Beautiful black lamp shades add an unexpected touch of thoughtful sophistication and edgy flair when paired with the right accessories. Check out the following combinations for an unmatched modern look:

  • Go girly or masculine with a bedside black lamp shade: Use a black lamp shade with a crystal table lamp base for a feminine feel or a sleek and shiny modern base for a more masculine vibe. When set against a black-and-white patterned backdrop — or one that's all white or black — a black lamp shade can look undeniably chic, modern and romantic.
  • Ground an airy space with black lamp shades: For rooms with neutral, opaque or light-colored walls and floors, a black lamp shade will ground the room and tie it together with pleasing contrast. Black lamp shades can make the ideal accent, especially in a space with large amounts of natural light or windows.
  • Combine black furniture and black lamp shades for an air of drama: Whether you position your dining room or living room lights overhead or on a side table, black lamp shades can echo the color of the surrounding chairs to create breathtaking sophistication. 
  • Add a black lamp shade to your library: A home library is a perfect space for subdued and quiet contemplation. A black lamp shade recedes into the background amid books — think multi-colored spines — for a chic, soft look. 

Browse Stylish Black Lamp Shades at Lamp Shade Solution 

Whether you want a black lamp shade to offer a splash of soft light to accent a side table, console or other romantic space, Lamp Shade Solution has got you covered! Our customers trust us for stylish black and gold lamp shades, as well as a wide variety of shades in different sizes, shapes and styles. 

Lamp shades ooze or re-direct the light from any light bulb to create your desired effect, and with the right fabric style and color, you can create a unique, unforgettable look. For over 80 years, Lamp Shade Solution has offered high-quality, ready-made lamp shades at affordable prices. 

Contact us with any questions regarding lamp shade fabric style, size or shape, and we'd be more than happy to assist you. 

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